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Audacious Ask TV

What if you could learn to ask for more than your fair share... and always get it? | taught by Jennifer Cramer Lewis
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Jennifer Cramer Lewis
Jennifer Cramer Lewis
#1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and Coach

About the instructor

Jennifer Cramer Lewis 

What can you Audaciously Ask for Today that will create a future that is lighter brighter and more fun for you than you ever thought possible?

Is this bringing up something for you?

Then definitely don’t choose this class it may blow your mind!

Jennifer Cramer Lewis is a professional speaker, coach, Certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator, Founder of Brilliance Blueprint and the creator of  Audacious Ask and Wealth Blueprint. 

Jennifer is the go-to facilitator when something is disconnected in your life and impacting your business. Using an exclusive combination of facilitation and energetic alignment, this funny lady will have your business and body laughing all the way to the bank.

Jennifer's coaching clients have cured life-threatening illnesses, repaired broken homes, left abusive ones, met their dream partner and fallen in love all while growing their businesses and dropping all their barriers to making more money than they ever thought possible.

Jennifer loves to help her clients put an end to putting themselves last.

Audacious Ask TV is Jennifer's gift to conscious creation.  We go live every week that Jennifer is available and not travelling for her coaching and facilitation business!  Come and see what all the buzz is about and get AUDACIOUS!

Course Contents

16 Videos
15 Audios
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Audacious September 17 | Adding Joy to Not Joyful Situations and Standing Up and Being Seen
Audacious Ask TV October 15th | Creating a life that is 10/10
Audacious Ask TV October 22 | Busting Free From Who You Are Supposed to Be
Audacious Ask TV October 29 - "Parties, Palaces, Possibilities & Posh AF"
Audacious Ask TV November 12 - Expanding Beyond & Choosing For You
Audacious Ask TV November 19 - Choosing to be the Magic of You
Audacious Ask TV Dec 17 - Audacious Money Creation Available for Purchase Separately
Audacious Ask TV January 7 - Fully Embodying in Your Body
Audacious Ask TV January 21 - Inviting the Energies that Light Up Your Life
Audacious Ask TV January 28 - Beyond the Inventions - That WE Created - That Control Us
Audacious Ask TV February 11 - Beyond Comfortably Audacious
Audacious Ask TV February 25 - Daring to take Your Foot off the Brake
Audacious Ask TV Mar 11 - Going Beyond Anything We've Known Before
Audacious Ask TV March 25, 2019 - Stepping Into Your Brilliance
Audacious Ask TV April 8, 2019 - Zebra Pants, Heart Ache & Juicy Joy Bootie 😊