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Choice Creates Everything New

What Will You Choose?

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Where are My Servants with Jennifer Cramer Lewis and Brittany Rogozinski

What would it be like to have servants everywhere? Ever wondered where YOUR servants are?   Is this the first lifetime that you have to do everything for yourself?  Ready to step into the elegance and ease of having everyone contribute to you?

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

A Body That Loves Money

What if your body knows more about money than you do?

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

The Elegance of Receiving from The Earth; Bodies Sex and Money

This 3 Part Series is an invitation to include all the energies of the Earth in your life, including Bodies, Sex and Money... with Elegance...

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Beyond Bedroom Blunders; 9 Ways to Resuscitate Your Phenomenal Sex Life

Co Hosts: Jennifer Cramer Lewis and Heather Nichols share their favourite tips for adding sizzle in the bedroom and in your whole life. What would that add to your future? Coming?

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Conscious Coupling: Taking Charge of Attracting Your Soulmate Partner!

Tired of sitting home alone? What if you could attract a soul mate partner to share your favourite things with?


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